Drawing of name tag with smiling dog on it

My Dogged Devotion to Writing

            Dog. The word alone brings up a kaleidoscope of images from my life. I see the dog who bit me; the dog who had more gas than Exxon; the dog who had three legs; the dog who had just one eye; the dog who didn’t know how to growl. I could go on. I’ve […]

Happy Juneteenth to all!

Our United States of America is a beautiful mosaic of diverse cultures, colors, orientations, and religions. At Trick Dog Books, we celebrate them all, but recognize that certain groups of our citizens, particularly Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ Plus, and the Mentality Ill, have faced extreme discrimination over centuries of our history. We welcome the […]

First Dog: Prince Charles of Stratford

This is Prince Charles of Stratford, aka Charlie, my very first dog.

Welcome to Trick Dog Books!

Trick Dog Books is a company dedicated to publishing dogcentric publications that emphasize self worth, diversity, inclusivity and humor.