Catherine Blewett Miller

The Author  |  Catherine Blewett Miller

Cate has been writing since grade school when she penned scripts for neighborhood puppet shows. She has written extensively for newspapers and magazines. She also employed her writing skills as the director of public relations, marketing and fundraising for state and national organizations. Dogs have enriched her life since childhood providing loving companionship and inspiration. Her family adopted their first rescued dog when she was 10 years old.

Dr Casey ID badge

The Inspiration  |  Dr. Casey, Medical Dogtr
Happyness Clinic - Endwell, Wisconsin

As a certified Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog, Dr. Casey brought joy to the hundreds of people he visited in care facilities. He vocalized three word in the human language: roof, bark, and rough (he refused to speak more until humans achieved world peace – which they didn’t do in his lifetime). Among his hobbies were smiling, sleeping, doing tricks, and running away whenever possible (because he had a great sense of adventure).

Amy Kleinhans, Illustrator

The Illustraton  |  Amy Kleinhans  |  Instagram

I am an illustrator and designer. I have always enjoyed a good story. As an illustrator, my goal is to capture and create images of the thoughts and emotions that tell stories. These stories can be shared with the world, where people can connect and enjoy them. There are some stories that can not easily be verbalized, and this is when I can tell them through illustration.